Beihua Guo was born in Shanghai, China in 1998. He is a Los Angeles based artist and an undergraduate student at Pitzer College, whose work was featured in group exhibitions at Parsons School of Design, Somerset House, and Zaragoza Museum, etc. He also received national and international awards in Hasselblad Masters, Sony World Photography Awards, Scholastic Art & Writing Awards, and International Photography Awards, etc. In addition, he was selected as the Artist-in-Residence in Petrified Forest National Park and Lassen Volcanic National Park.

Growing up in a densely populated urban environment, Beihua had never experienced the sublime nature in his childhood. His love of the outdoors and landscape photography started to emerge when he moved to the United States in 2013, as he is interested in seeking geometric patterns and vibrant color in public lands. Majoring in studio art and environmental analysis, his work also uses interdisciplinary techniques to address the themes of urban sprawl, environmental racism, and changing landscapes of the American West; he strives to use photography to document environmental problems and initiate social changes.

郭备华 (1998) 出生在中国上海,就读于培泽学院,现居美国加州洛杉矶。郭备华的摄影作品从自然、城市、遗迹中汲取灵感,以纪实、抽象、拼接、抹除的方式探索历史、过度城市化、以及环境正义。

他参加的展览包括 “学乐艺术与写作国家展”,美国帕森斯设计学院;“图像猎⼈”,西班牙萨拉⼽萨博物馆;“索尼世界摄影⼤赛与⻢丁·帕尔”,英国萨默塞特府等。他获得的奖项包括哈苏⼤师赛21岁以下组前⼗终评⼊围;索尼世界摄影⼤赛⻘少年组推荐作品;学乐艺术和写作奖美国国家⾦奖等。

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